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    Have you been curious about the Walden Coaching Community? Is it worth it? Should I join? Is it for me if I'm just a beginner? Click on the play button at the right to join Tim as he takes you on an in-depth tour. You may want to pop some popcorn as you settle in to watch. Prepare to be wowed!
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    As photographers, we are naturally drawn towards studying the work of those we admire. We all do it and that is how we learn. In the Image Analysis Subscription, you will receive two fresh, dynamic images each month along with a downloadable PDF containing Tim's personal notes, behind the scene thoughts and a lighting diagram to show you exactly how each light was positioned.
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  • About Us

    We are the proud owners of Walden's Photography, a second generation photography studio started by Tim's father, Bob Walden. Working together since we took over ownership of the studio, we have had our ups and downs, but looking back, wouldn't change a single thing. Photography is a wonderful profession and it is who we are, not just what we do.
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Check this out!

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We film and/or record, write and design new material monthly in our own facilities and add it to the Coaching Community training “vault.” Our goal is to bring you resources and training that is timely, relevant to our industry and real-world. With new materials added often, we believe this online education will give you amazing inspiration.

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Bev with gift art piece

12x12 gift

Thank you for visiting our website. To download this inspirational gift, simply click below to join as a FREE MEMBER and we will guide you from there. Be sure to check out the FREE CONTENT area for valuable educational materials we post there once you have registered on our site.

As you have probably figured out, our goal is to entice you to join the Coaching Community Membership, a dream of ours we birthed nearly five years ago. As teachers in the photographic industry, we needed a way to continue teaching without leaving home so much-this is what the Coaching Community is all about. You get education in your home and we get to stay in ours!

Our studio is not just a “test kitchen” but a vibrant, energetic photography studio in Central Kentucky that we run full time. Everything we learn, we pass along to those in our Coaching Community, from posing babies to creating fine art black and white imagery. You get our “hot off the press” imagery, marketing ideas, sales thoughts and more-and we don’t hold back!

For those interested in just studying imagery, we created the Image Analysis Membership which is absolutely amazing. Two images each month are sent to your Inbox for download. Within each download, you receive the image with a PDF, a drawing of the studio set-up and a detailed audio description.

To learn more and get a FREE Image Analysis piece, simply click on the JOIN tab.

More about the gift…I love sayings and quotes, so I custom designed this 12×12 QUOTE ART PIECE that you can download, have printed and framed, and hang where you can see it every day for inspiration! We ordered it from WHCC.com and the print, mounted and lacquered, was a bit over $15.00.

Thanks for joining. We appreciate you!

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Before today, I was pondering canceling my monthly subscription for maybe six months, and then resuming again. I think I’ve changed my mind, and the reason is the two videos I just watched; I’m too afraid I will miss something! :~)

Separator Light: I especially liked Tim’s tip about how to prevent lens flare using black foam core attached to the ceiling when bouncing your hair light off your ceiling because your ceiling is only 8 feet high. My ceilings are white, and the bonus is the power slider on the light will be in clear view and adjustable (white lightning 1600′s)!

Diffusion after Capture: Tim says, “I was nervous about doing this video because…” Tim is so real, connecting/learning is easy because of this. I felt like I was sitting next to him while he edited this gorgeous image!

Thank you so much,



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