The Walden Coaching Community is no longer active

The Coaching Community will officially end on October 1st and will be replaced by the Walden 3-Year Study Course! 

But no worries…this is not an ending, but the beginning of another fantastic Walden educational opportunity. With a 3-year photographic curriculum covering all things “Walden,” Tim and Bev have created an amazing product which will be taught in 36 MONTHLY LESSONS.

Through videos, audios and image discussions, they will lay out over four decades of experience, education and wisdom to help you succeed.

And to top if all off, every 30 days, content will be pushed to your Inbox for you to grab, download and enjoy. No muss, no fuss! Your bonus for being a CC member…as long as your are an active, paying subscriber to the Coaching Community, you will be grandfathered into this new program at your current rate. 

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