So many reasons to join the Coaching Community, our subscription service for self directed online learning!


  • Image BlueprintONE hand-picked image that Tim created during the previous month. Each image is selected to teach a very specific principle or lesson and includes a PDF with lighting diagrams and birds eye camera room view PLUS either a video or audio to further enhance the lesson with additional details. These are serious, in-depth teachings and not to be missed. 
  • Build-a-Workbook ChaptersONE per month on a variety of topics for entrepreneurs PLUS timely articles by guest writer and sales person extraordinaire, Diva Jalyn.
  • Card  Template GalleryMembers can download ONE every 30 days from their join date. Templates range from seasonal designs to marketing ideas.
  • The Strategy RoomA LIVE EVENT-These happen (6) times per year via GoToMeeting on relevant topics to today’s photographer.
  • Coach’s CornerScheduled on alternate months when there is not a Strategy Room, these videos by “Coach Tim” are guaranteed to no only share an important lesson, but also inspire you to greater heights.
  • Content Library– A vast array of videos, audios and workbook chapters that are kept as an archive for future reference.
  • Coaching Spotlight-Situated on the bottom of the Home Page, this area “spotlights” items from the Content Library to study for the month.
  • Discounts on all Private Coaching classes, both Virtual and In-Person.

Tim and Bev,

Thank you so much for creating a website for learning. Your Coaching Community, which I have joined, has a highly beneficial quality for those of us who want to learn. The whole concept is very well planned out and full of information. I have attended many seminars and week long classes and I will tell you, this surpasses my expectations. The amount of detail you express is so informative and I feel the energy you both put into it.

God answers in so many ways and I truly believe He has sent me both of you!

Thanks again!

Mark W.


I have always loved to continually learn and implement and the skills that I have learned from you and Tim have had the greatest impact on my business.

 I am kicking everything up a notch this year (actually several notches) so Walden’s education is a no brainier. (:

Let’s Roll!

Chris Y.

Hey Beverly,

Thank you for the personal welcome to the Coaching Community!  I am very excited about increasing my knowledge and techniques through y’all’s direction. I am looking to push myself forward as an artist.

Thanks again.

Tee R.

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Free Membership

  • Gifts, gifts, gifts…we continue to add items to the FREE GIFT area in our Store, so browse and help yourself to any and all items.
  • Bev’s Tuesday Tidbits are published every Tuesday morning and land squarely in your Inbox on topics ranging from sales to marketing to simply an inspirational article and much more. Many Tuesday Tidbits relate stories with lessons learned as Bev shares her insights each week.

Full Membership

  • 1 Image Blueprint per month (includes PDF of the lighting diagram, extensive information on the how’s and why’s of the image and either a video or audio that delves even deeper into how the image was created, often including detailed post production work)
  • 1 Build-a-Workbook Chapter per month to download, print and build your own custom workbook for future education and reference
  • Access to an extensive CONTENT LIBRARY full of valuable educational Videos, Audios and Workbook articles
  • 1 Card Template every month.  Each is a layered PSD file and you have access to download one every 30 days from your join date
  • Access to SIX LIVE Strategy Rooms events to keep you inspired, excited and relevant plus SIX  Coach’s Corner videos on alternate months when there is not a scheduled Strategy Room
  • Coaching Spotlight every month to point you to archived materials from the Content Library that you may want to explore.